Graciela-3-2-1 Introduction


Graciela-3-2-1 Introduction ((tag: Wk 1, 321Intro))

Graciela te ha invitado a ver su ??lbum. Este ??lbum tiene 4 archivos.


Peter’s 321 Introduction

Hi everyone. I made a storybird for my intro321 task. I hope that you like it. Sorry that it is so late but better late than never!!!!

I wanted to use Animoto but because I do not have a paid account, I felt that 30 seconds would be a wee bit too short. So here is m??
y wee story instead. I hope that you like it.??

Cleide??s Vimeo

Here??s my vimeo. I had heard about it but I had never actually used it. I liked it very much for it??s super easy to use. I wonder if we can create the video with VIMEO or just upload it. Anyways, I??m glad to know I have all these wonderful tools available.  I can??t wait to start!!!! 




Here??s a little something I created while playing in the sandbox. I loved this tool, user friendly and fun! Cleide

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” /></a><br />Freako and Weirdenson by <a href=”” title=”cleiden’s profile”>cleiden</a></div>


Storybird by Erin

Dear Colleagues,

I wrote a simple (but not so short) story on Storybird that I’d like to share with you. 

The watercolor pictures were so inspiring that they almost told the story themselves.
I spent some time to get the rhymes and rhythms right because I find them very helpful in teaching foreign languages.
I deliberately didn’t name the cat or call it “he” or “she”, though it definitely has a lot of personality. 

It’s “The Cat who liked to read books.” I hope you like it.

Erin Bouma
Moscow, Russia

Kathy’s 321 Introduction


Alison Miyake’s 321 Introduction

3: I love yoga and reading. I am originally from Vancouver Island, but have been living in Japan for 14 years.  I like learning languages.

2: walking in the woods, being with family

1: set up seminars for people relocating overseas to teach them about the local culture, and provide cross-cultural and language training

Alison Miyake