Graciela’s first Animoto

Here goes my first Animoto. I hope you can see it too. I’ll do one for my sister and her crafts.


Week 3 photopeach/goanimate by Peter

Here are my video slideshow/animations for week 3 using photopeach and goanimate. The photopeach is an example of an activity which I could do with my students (quiz) and the goanimate videos are some of my thoughts on the tools from week 3.

 Please tell me what you think! Thanks.

Erika Oya’s Dvolver


Hello everyone!

I really liked the tool…all of them. You can have great activitites in the classroom. And for all levels. They can be used as warmers, or as a starter for a topic discussion, also to wrap up a lesson and review some new vocabulary and expressions. I think theat the way er can use these tools are endless….we just have to use our creativity and adapt according to our students level and age. They can also be used as tools to a project, students create their own videos based on the content and directions of the teachers.
Thank you.